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Since 2002 we have completed 18 projects, interviewed 60 people and compiled more than 900 pages of material for the project.  Interviews ranged in length from 45 minutes to an hour and full transcriptions are part of each project.  Our most recent project focused on the coming of the Interstate to our city in the 1960s.  Thanks for the visit!

Holy Hill Drone Picture

2018:  BRF’s “Holy Hill”

Elizabeth Pardoe

2019:  The Vietnam War

Sydney Sampson-Webb

 2009:  Integration of Public Schools in BRF

Alex Zank

 2016: Edna Francis Perry

Michaela Custodio

2020:  The Coming of the Interstate

Sam Lund

 2008: The Jackson County Fair

Max Hart

2015: William Thompson Price

Zane Dukes

 2007:  The Korean War Experience

Katie Norton

2014:  Black River Falls and the Great War

Dominic Vase

 2006: Black River Falls in 1968

Cory Schultz

 2013: The China Connection:  Black River to Shanghai

Sandy Lin

 2005:  Regional Music History

Kirsten Bjerke

 2012:  The Life and Times of Merlin Hull

Josh Hanson

 2004:  Black River Falls in 1952

Jill Janke

 2011:  BRF in 1875:  Spaulding and the Removal Episode

Erick Conrad

 2003:  Black River Falls in the Great Depression

Kristen Boehm

 2010: BRF and the Civil War Experience

Levi Miles

 2002:  BRF and the World War II Experience

Andi Jo Cloud

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