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Project Interns

The Falls History Project Interns
The following young men and women have contributed to our growing local history archive since 2002.  We thank them for their time and their enthusiasm for history.

2002:  Andi Jo Cloud
2003:  Kristen Boehm
2004:  Jill Janke
2005:  Kirsten Bjerke
2006:  Cory Schultz
2007:  Katie Norton
2008:  Max Hart
2009:  Alex Zank
2010:  Levi Miles, Megan Rykken (Indexing)
2011:  Erick Conrad
2012:  Josh Hanson
2013:  Sandy Lin
2014:  Dominic Vase
2015:  Zane Dukes
2016:  Michaela Custodio
2017:  Jacob Markhardt (Editing, No new project)
2018:  Elizabeth Pardoe, Ally McJoynt
2019:  Sydney Sampson-Webb
2020:  Sam Lund
2021:  Madeline Diehn

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