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Since 2000 we have been exploring and documenting the history of our region with the goal of establishing a research archive for future students and community members.  We have compiled more than 650 pages of material through our annual projects, including 47 interviews with local residents on a variety of topics.

Mitchell PlaqueThe plaque pictured here honors Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr., Medal of Honor recipient and graduate of BRFHS.  We initiated the FHP with the Red Cloud’s story in 2000. We are currently developing a “Shared History” wall at the high school, part of which will include a tribute to Red Cloud.  This plaque was originally displayed at the High School on Third Street, which over time became the Junior High and then Elementary School.  We will be “returning” the plaque to the High School as part of our display.  Read an essay on Red Cloud’s life and memory here! 


In December of 2018, I sat down for a short conversation with Bella Cowles, a journalism student at BRFHS, to discuss the FHP and the addition of our “Shared History Wall” at the High School.  You can access the podcast here.  Thanks to Bella for inviting me to do that!

Rykken and Bella Cowles Blog 2018